Desiccant means drying agent, and the reason they are in your pill bottles and other such products are to prevent things like clumping, moisture-causing damage, and breeding grounds for mold or mildew. They’re incredibly effective and most can last between 1-3 years. Which means it’s time to think strategically about places in your kitchen that might benefit from the same preventative attributes. Here are some genius ways to use desiccant packets in your kitchen. They keep cookies from going soggy. They keep chips, crackers, and cereal fresher longer. They keep bread from getting moldy.

No little packets in your apartment? No problem, you can order them online.

Desiccant is particularly important in capsules, because they will degrade with too much moisture. They usually contain silica, which is very good at absorbing water.  They are not toxic, but they can cause gagging or choking, hence the “do not eat” warnings.

You may-safely remove it as long as you keep the bottle tightly closed when after removing the pill            .

Just be careful to keep it out of reach of children.

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