Infusion Therapy Without Leaving Home

The comfort and convenience of infusion therapies at home, performed by certified and experienced nurses, provides a welcome, time-saving alternative.
Infusion services can help you stay independent and avoid the need for a stay in the hospital or skilled nursing facility. If you need ongoing treatment when you go home, your doctor may recommend infusion therapy.

If you have a chronic condition or are recovering from certain medical conditions, you may need to receive medications or nutrients in a form other than taking medications or supplements by mouth. Infusion therapy delivers medications, fluids, or nutrients directly into the body, through an intravenous catheter.

Our nurses have advanced training in infusion therapy to administer IV medications and manage vascular access with catheters and ports. We follow the Infusion Nurses Society’s evidence-based Standards of Practice. We are also a member of the National Home Infusion Association.

Our infusion team, available 24/7, works closely with your physician, Medicare nurse and pharmacist to watch for any signs of concern during your care.
Our nurses emphasize education by helping patients navigate management of symptoms or other effects of therapy with guidance from their physician as appropriate.

In addition to home infusion therapy, Youthful Aging Home Care provides other comprehensive nursing care including enteral feeding, colostomy management, wound care, and tracheostomy management. Please reach out to discuss any of your specialized home health care needs.