Johns Hopkins Guided Care® Guides Your Health and Wellness as You Age-In-Place

Utilizing Licensed Technology from Johns Hopkins University.

Guided Care is a revolutionary program designed by the Institute for Johns Hopkins Nursing, and locally implemented by Youthful Aging Home Care to assist seniors who choose to Age-In-Place. A proactive comprehensive service focusing on improving care for patients with multiple chronic conditions and complex health needs while integrating lifestyle interventions. With Guided Care, you make one phone call to access a range of health and lifestyle services that ease aging on your own.

The program is administered by nurses specially trained by Johns Hopkins to use technology developed specifically for Guided Care.  Using evidence-based standards of care, our team of professional nurses; coaches; physical therapists; nutritionists; and other work in conjunction with your family physician to maximize your health and lifestyle.  These Guided Care specialists also apply the latest research on improving cognitive function and brain health.

How Is This Accomplished?

Guided Care begins with getting to know you and your lifestyle goals.    Your personalized program is designed to address existing health issues as well as set a course for helping to prevent the many challenges that develop with aging.

Preventing chronic conditions from becoming acute conditions, Guided Care nurses are knowledgeable about heart disease, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; stroke, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease to name a few.  Armed with the latest remote patient-monitoring devices, we can pick up early on potential health events twenty-four hours a day in real time. We communicate regularly with your family physician.

Each program is “guided” around the basic principles of nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, and socialization.

To remain at home, access to basic support services may be necessary.  Meal preparation, handyman, personal assistant, caregivers, handicap home adaptation …… to name a few.  All customized to meet your needs.

Youthful Aging’s exclusive Support Team is immediately accessible and responsive to your needs as you successfully age-in-place.