Every year around this time Dr. Keith Roach (Medical Editor for the Herald Tribune) writes a column on the different flu vaccines available. Before doing so this year Dr. Roach wants to implore our readers to get their flu vaccine.

  • If you have never gotten a flu shot, now is the time.
  • If you had a bad reaction 20 years ago, give the vaccine another chance this year.
  • If you have never had the flu and do not see the reason for the vaccine, the coronavirus pandemic provides a critical new reason. This is the year to start.• Covid-19 cases continues to increase in many parts of North America. Hospitals will be stressed. More people getting the flu shot means fewer people who need to be hospitalized for the flu.
  • The flu and Covid-19 share many symptoms, so a case of the flu may often mean getting tested for Covid-19, check with your doctor. Protect yourself, your family, friends, neighbors, and health care system by getting a flu shot.

This year there is an approved quadrivalent high-dose and quadrivalent adjuvant vaccines available for people over 65. These vaccines provide a higher degree of protection over the standard dose, if one is not immediately available, Dr. Roach recommends getting any available flu vaccine starting now.

Flight the flu get yourself and your family vaccinated

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