Remember the good old days when healthcare issues weren’t as complicated to maneuver? I do!

If we needed a medical caregiver, we could just ask someone whose opinion was trustworthy for recommendations (a family member, friend or neighbor). Maybe nine times out of ten the suggestion was a good one.

I’ve found that today, in our post-covid society, our options are more complex. Family members and close friends may live miles away. Our neighbors may be in just as much need of guidance as we are. Who do you ask? Who can you trust? What to do?!

In the “good old days”, our family doctor knew our medical history and related it to our personal care not just as our doctor, but as a trusted friend. The doctor’s staff scheduled appointments, then the doctor personally followed-up on the results. This relationship certainly helped lower further stress. Now the medical staff often follows up.

Today, we have gone from the personal touch of the past to “managed care”. Managed care companies (insurance carriers) are businesses that monitor a patient’s health care treatment. Overall, doctors have to be as efficient as possible in caring for their patients, while at the same time shortening service time. This is concerning because it may result in a lack of understanding of the physician’s information and instructions.

Together with this emphasis on efficiency, I say the managed care system may need to move toward providing a taste of the “Good Old Days!

A program I’ve learned about that focuses on individual patient’s needs is called Guided Care®. It was created by Johns Hopkins Hospital. Youthful Aging Home Care incorporates this program into its client care through their Guided Care nursing staff. The nurses are carefully trained to work closely with individuals and their families, and their primary care providers.

Could this be the beginning of the return to the “Good Old Days” of healthcare?

For more information about the “Guided Care® program, you can contact Youthful Aging Home Care.

Lani Kelly is a research writer for Youthful Aging Home Care