These are topics I have been teaching a long time and the name of the book I have written, Living Thin—An Attitude Not a Diet . I no longer teach because I will be 102 soon, so now I have decided to share all I have learned instead of teaching.

How it all began

I was a chubby teenager, some called me fat but when I learned that boys didn’t like fat girls, I began to go on diets which continued for years on and off. If you have ever dieted, you will understand that diets never work because someone else is telling you what to eat and do and when they leave, you are back to square one.
To win at this game, you need to be calling your own shots and that’s exactly what Living Thin is all about. It’s about keep off the weight that you take off. While I was dieting, I finally met an outstanding Nutritionist who taught me about food and dieting. I finally designed my own program which I will be sharing with you.
After teaching a few years, I realized that excess stress had a lot to do with gaining weight and often the results had mental and physical results. I am proud to report that my program had great success. The stress part is based on the work of Dr. Albert Ellis, one of the most outstanding psychologists at the end of the 20th Century. His work is respected and taught here, there and everywhere.

Before I begin I want to share a statement here that I agree with:

To What avail is it to be a Harvard Graduate if an individual is a messed up, emotional wreck.
And now life rational rules.
The World is not always fair, not for anyone. Most people have their turn experiencing life’s unfairness at one time or another. Smart, caring people get fired. Incompetent, mean spirited people gets breaks and wind up with all of life’s goodies.
Everybody has a boss sometimes. As a child, your parents were in charge. If your teacher didn’t like you, beware. When you work, your employer is the boss, like it or not. In a marriage, one of the two of you is usually the boss. For weight loss, it’s the scale. Refuse to be upset.
You can stand awful long enough to make a good plan. Living involves hassles every single day for you and for everyone. Living is tough and so what, it’s the way we handle it that counts. Rational livers tell themselves When I’m Hassled, I have a Choice. I can do what needs to be done whether I feel like it or not and be glad its not worse.

This is the first newsletter—there will be more. Meanwhile if you have a problem with weight or stress, please contact me via email—[email protected].

Living Thin & Stress Free